The Law For Landlords

Can you refuse to rent your house to someone in a wheelchair?  Are you liable if your tenant’s dog bites someone? If you’re a landlord, you need to know what you can and can’t do in order to stay within the boundaries of the law.  Stay out of trouble.  Learn your rights and responsibilities as a landlord.  

The Law for Tenants

How much can you be legally charged for a security deposit?  Are you entitled to interest?  When are you entitled to get your money back, and how much can landlords deduct? Every state has enacted laws that grant tenants certain rights in connection with the landlord tenant relationship.  Learn your rights as a tenant.

Smart people always get it in writing, and that is doubly true when you’re dealing with a place to live.  Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, search our library of landlord tenant forms to find the right one you need to protect yourself.  View leases, notices, demands, and more.